Sunday, April 17, 2011

happy accidents

i've recently realized how much more i'd be able to create if only i could really sew.  since i'm not quite commited enough to put in the time and effort it would take to learn, i've been exploring sewing shortcuts.  my first pseudo sewing experience was with pillowcase dresses.  in case you haven't picked up on the pattern, all of my projects are super simple and this one was no exception.

with all of my success with these cute little ensembles, i was more encouraged than ever to venture into the world of textiles.  my goal was to try some iron ons to spruce up some plain baby tees.  what actually happened was quite different.. i purchased what i thought was iron on material and got started.  thirty minute and one ruined shirt later i realized i had actually bought no sew adhesive.  after the discouragement wore off, i decided i already had the stuff so there was no reason not to put it to good use.  turned out to be one of my favorite projects yet!

now on these i not only originally thought i was working with iron ons, but i also thought i was capable of making the shape of an egg.  regardless of these mix ups, i still think they turned out fun.  i thought i would go with words for my next try (i'll admit i was lazy and instead of using the cricut to perfect the letters i just free handed everything so it's a little sloppy but i feel it turned out appropriate).  "all good things are wild and free" seems one of the most fitting quotes for my gal, so that's what i went with!

now that just about every shirt my child owns is covered with additional fabric, i've also experimented turning this idea into home decor.  i'm a fanatic of bold prints, so i just loved how this turned out.
long story short, i'm obsessed with no sew adhesive!

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