Thursday, April 7, 2011


this project is so simple & really cute!

tracing, cutting, and glueing was a little much for the 2yo but my baby sister and i (okay, not baby.. she's 9) had tons of fun making these (50 of them!!!!)

  • .75" round magnets
  • silicone or glass glue
  • round, flat, clear, glass marbles
  • go through magazines, pictures, papers, and find some images you'd like to use (you are going to want smaller pictures than you'd think since the marbles magnify the images)
  • use the magnets to trace around the images & cut them out
  • glue the image to the magnet
  • put a small glob of glue in the center of the flat side of the marble and press it into the center of the image
  • wipe and excess glue from the edges and let dry!

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